Kalindi has been living with her boyfriend, Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas), for two years in Australia. When he proposes to her, she is shocked as Kalindi is opposed to the idea of marriage. Her parents used to fight a lot, and her father Kishan remarried soon after her mother's death. Nevertheless, Kalindi agrees with Rishabh's happiness. Avni is a divorce lawyer in Delhi, and her mother is looking for a suitable groom for her. Sakshi is living with her parents after moving out of her husband's home. Upscale women taunt her for living with her parents. Meera has married an American, John, with whom she has a son named Kabir. She is still estranged from her father, and though she misses him, she refuses to meet him until he accepts John.


When Kalindi travels to Delhi to get married, she is overwhelmed by Rishabh's affectionate family and involvement. While in Delhi, Kalindi lives with her gay uncle, Kuki and his partner, and reunites with her friends. Avni, on her mother's insistence, meets a few prospective grooms. Kishan and his current wife, Paromita, offer to help Kalindi in her wedding. She is disturbed by the ceremonial demands of Rishabh's family. During her engagement, Rishabh comments about her not having a proper family, which infuriates her, and leaves. Avni gets drunk and ends up sleeping with Rishabh's cousin Bhandari. Sakshi leaves the party midway distraught, at the gossipy women's jibes.


The next morning, Avni, Sakshi, and Meera find Kalindi in her old home. Rishabh apologizes to Kalindi, and they patch up. However, she explains that she cannot fulfill his family's expectations, and they break up. Her friends, however, are not supportive of this decision and try to reason with her, explaining that Rishabh is a good man. Kalindi points out each of her friend's flaws instead, resulting in an argument.


Sakshi, believing they have become too overwhelmed with troubles, buys her friends a vacation to Thailand. They reconnect and come clean about their respective issues: Kalindi about her commitment issues, Avni about wanting to marry the right guy, and Sakshi about why her husband wants to divorce her one day. He walked on her masturbating; appalled, he decided to divorce her. Sakshi is embarrassed to tell her parents the truth. Meera explains that she and John haven't had sex in a year after her son's birth. Everyone decides to go back and face their problems.


Sakshi tells her parents the truth, and they support her. John comes to India and makes up with Meera. Avni tells her mother about her reluctance to settle for an arranged marriage. Kalindi's friends pressurize Kuki to resolve his feud with Kishan; they talk and resolve their issues. The brothers transfer the family house to Kalindi as their gift. She proposes to Rishabh, and they decide to marry. On the wedding day held in her home, the ceremony is a smaller affair with fewer guests. John calls Meera's father and tells them about his grandson. Sakshi breaks the news of her divorce settlement to the gossipy women. Avni decides to give Bhandari a chance. The film ends with everyone dancing at the wedding reception.





Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Shikha Talsania, Neena Gupta

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